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Preaching Through Uncertain Times:

Wrestling with how to preach through crisis and transition? This course is for you.

This is kind of a scary time, isn't it? Whether you believe the times are changing for good or for ill, they are changing—one way or the other, or both.

We don't know what's ahead, but we're called to lead. We preachers are called to point the way to the Good News, even when we are not yet certain where to find it.

This course will help you understand and preach about the specific changes your congregation faces—pastorally, insightfully, courageously, and with love and grace.

“Backstory Preaching has made me a better preacher.”
Mitch Tollet
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This self-led course is for you if:

  • Your congregation is in transition.
  • Your listeners are grappling with how to make meaning of the world's events.
  • You want to preach effectively through challenges with sensitivity and grace.

Lisa Cressman, Founder and Steward

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Backstory Preaching™️ helps you link the backstory of your spirituality with your preaching. In addition to sharing practical stategies to improve the technical aspects of your preaching, we emphasize your own spirituality because we believe you, the preacher, become more effective in the pulpit when you tend to your spirit outside the pulpit.

I'm an Episcopal priest recognized for my preaching for almost twenty-five years, a spiritual director and retreat leader, and the Founder and Steward of Backstory Preaching™️, the first-ever online formation center for Mainline and Roman Catholic preachers. 

My mission is to help preachers for the sake of the Gospel, so let me know what I can do for you. Sign up for our Newsletter here to keep you up to date.

The 3 Critical Lessons for Preaching Through Times of Uncertainty

Lesson One: We'll go beyond platitudes to teach you concrete ideas from change theory you'll be able to apply immediately. Referencing the journey of the Israelites and "The Wizard of Oz" as archetypal stories about change, we'll help you identify what's happening in the human spirit when one thing ends and another begins. And we'll explore how Jesus meets us in the upheaval inherent to an ending, in the search for what's next, and in the new beginning.

Lesson Two: How, exactly, is preaching through a time of change different than preaching through a time of stability? What do preachers need to be aware of? What are the potential pitfalls and where's the way through grace?

Lesson Three: Uncertainty brings out questions, fears, and doubts in all of us. How do you pray your way through change with the Scripture of the day to find the Good News your listeners need to hear? How do you pray your way through change to find the Good News for yourself?

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Preaching Through Uncertain Times, $19.99

  • 3 video lessons (2 1/4 hours total) taught by veteran preacher Lisa Cressman
  • Understand the nuts and bolts of change and its impact on your listeners
  • Identify the potential problems and opportunities when preaching through crisis and transition.
  • Explore ways to culivate your own spirituality in the midst of confusion and stress
  • Develop skills to lead your congregation through challenging times with wisdom and grace.

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You can be good news to preach good news, no matter the circumstances.